We have a great teaching staff at FOFCA, they are the heart of our school. The excellence of the academic process, is tied inextricably to the quality of the teacher. As important as curriculum, method and philosophy are, the teacher is far more important.

Besides being a born-again Christian, the key ingredient for our teachers is a heart for the Christian school ministry and a genuine love and concern for reaching children for the Lord. Our teachers love what they do and they make learning fun for our students.

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kelly heather  amy

Kelly Clark
PreK 3
Heather Palmer
PreK 4

connie  raachal  denee

Connie Reiter
1st and 2nd Grade
Rachal Ayers
3rd Grade
4th Grade

mike  sherry  jenny

Pastor Mike Fisk
5th Grade, Jr. High
Lit/Spelling and
Elementary Advisor
Sherry Blan
Girls Bible and
Ast. Administrator
Jr. High/High School

laurinda  jen  jon

Laurinda Bestler
Elementary, Jr. High
and High School
Jenn Reardanz
Jr. High and
High School
Athletic Director &
Upper School Advisor

tina  christen

Tim Shaw
Jr. High/High School Boys Bible
Tina Wall
Jr. High and
High School
Christen Swartzenruber
Jr. High and
and High School