Eagle Notes LogoThe FOFCA EagleNotes Choir is a group of young men and women in grades 3rd thru 12th, that meet several times a week for class and periodically for performances. In the class portion, students sing a variety of music featuring different musical styles. They improve their sight-reading and ear training skills, identify various musical markings in scores and learn to work as a team to create music.

The choir’s mission statement aligns with the school’s mission statement, in that it is our goal to reflect Christ in our practices and performances and provide opportunities for people to know Him.

The cost of the program is $25 for the entire year and is purposely low to allow as many students the ability to participate as possible. See a copy of the Syllabus.

Some of the performances throughout the year include:

  • Christmas Caroling
  • FOFCA Christmas Programchoir_ballpark
  • District Contest
  • ACSI Music Festival
  • Louis Joliet Mall Concert
  • FOFCA Spring Concert
  • The Timbers Concert
  • Graduation Ceremony Concert
  • Singing the National Anthem at the Slammers Baseball Game