Youth For Understanding exchange students arrive in August to spend an academic year living with host families at our school. YFU students are carefully selected according to their maturity, flexibility, academic and extracurricular achievements and dedication to international and civic responsibilities.

They are supported throughout their exchange by a professionally trained Area Representative. Students pay all school and extracurricular expenses (including tuition) and have their own medical insurance and personal spending money. Each student has been assessed to ensure they have sufficient English proficiency and a strong commitment to becoming a member of your family and the local community.

Many students have unique talents that they hope to share while they are here such as music, cooking and cultural traditions. Host families are asked to provide a loving home environment, room and board
and transportation arrangements to and from school and activities.

Your host son or daughter will become a part of your family; you will be able to share your unique family culture with them while learning about their cultural traditions in turn. YFU encourages each family to treat the student as “one of their own”, providing food, a bed (not necessarily in a private room), and most importantly, friendship and encouragement.

Families interested in hosting, will need to create an account and fill out a Host Family Application. You have the opportunity to provide a unique contribution to their family and our school community while making a positive impact towards uniting the world through its children. If you are interested in learning more about being a host family please contact Donna Williams, YFU Field Director, 815.274.5253 or More information is available at the website: