FOFCA students may order a hot lunch from school or bring a lunch from home. All hot lunches are prepared in our kitchen, each day by Mrs. Kellie Ayers, unless otherwise noted on the lunch calendar. The hot lunch price is $5.00 per lunch and can be ordered for the day, week, month or entire year! Entire year of lunch is just $570 per student.

When you purchase lunch for the year, lunches are only $3.50 each. When purchasing for the year, balance is due at time of purchase. One year of hot lunch is $570 per student. Price is pro-rated as the year progresses. You can purchase lunches for the rest of the year anytime, up until the last month of school.

Menus and lunch tickets are emailed at the end of each month for the following month  The card needs to be filled out and returned to the office by the due date indicated. Students are offered two meal choices each day. We also offer milk that can be purchased for the day, week, month or year.

See the May Lunch Menu and Lunch Card. Need more information on our hot lunch program? Please call Chris Stonebraker in our office 815.521.1381.

PARENTS: Earn Volunteer Hours helping with Hot Lunch!