Our Student Council acts as the FOFCA student government. They represent, coordinate and serve the student body and exist to promote civic responsibility, leadership, scholarship and human relations within in the student body.

They review issues impacting the high school and community, listen to student input and provide representation when working with school administrators. They meet throughout the school year to discuss events and current student issues.

They also work to create a cohesive environment and encourage school spirit within the student body by coordinating and implementing spirit week activities, class pride color days, teacher appreciation week, spiritual emphasis days and school fundraising events.

In serving the student body, the Student Council provides its members with a great opportunity to work with others to achieve common goals and has a history of cultivating great friendships along the way.

tj luke thomas

T.J. Daufenbach
 Luke Schmeltzer
 Vice President
 Thomas Larson


gabbi lauren

Gabby Mauro
 Lauren Seaborg