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middle schoolFOFCA’s middle school serves 6th – 8th-grade students who progressively move towards becoming the ideal FOFCA graduate. As a matter of fact, many of them channel their previous experiences, as they continue their personal relationship with God.

At this time of growth and significant change, students are challenged to accept personal responsibility for their continued development. A balance between staff-supported guidance and student independence is paramount. Our goal is to prepare students to be successful in high school and beyond. In particular, we strive to help them understand they are accountable for their daily interactions; not only academically but also socially and spiritually.

Our dedicated teachers work with students in order to foster a love for Christ. In addition, we not only celebrate each student but encourage them to reach their God-given purpose.

FOFCA’S basic curriculum is ABeka, an accelerated Christian curriculum. Learning begins here as a joyful, experience coupled with the integration of academics and a Christian worldview.  Check out the ABeka’s Scope and Sequence to find out what exactly your child will be learning.

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In the event that you would like to tour the Families of Faith Christian Academy campus, please call 815.521.1381 or email Karen Blan, our Administrator.

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