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Elementary SchoolThe focus of the elementary school at FOFCA is a hands-on, creative learning environment, uniquely infused with biblical worldview teaching. Our teachers understand the importance of partnering together with parents. This is not only to develop the whole child, including mind, body, and spirit but also to help ready them for Christian leadership in the world.

Our outstanding curriculum comes from a variety of sources. However,  much is drawn from ABeka Book Publications, which are both academically strong and grounded in core Christian values and teachings. Of course, we know the best lessons are taught by example. Not only do we take care to ensure our teachers are Godly individuals who love the Lord but also are passionate about teaching.

Our nurturing teachers challenge students to do their best academically, as well as explore God’s world, full of promises and ideas. Different from many schools, FOFCA classes never exceed more than 16 students at one time. Small classes help teachers provide whole group, small group and individual instruction to meet students’ learning needs.

We offer language arts, math, science and social studies programs in kindergarten through fifth grade. This approach not only enables students to develop meaningful connections but also understand these concepts in the context of God’s world.

Elementary Highlights:

  • Biblically integrated curriculum
  • Bi-weekly chapel, every other Monday
  • Emphasis on written communication
  • A Phonics-based language arts program
  • Problem-solving, manipulative driven math curriculum
  • Connect with older students serving as positive role models to build a sense of community
  • Before and After School Care is available on campus
  • Discipleship Groups: Thru 4th Grade and 5th – 7th

Campus Tours:

If you would like to tour the Families of Faith Christian Academy campus please call 815.521.1381 or email Karen Blan, our Administrator.

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