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At Families of Faith, our pastors and staff want every student prepared to impact the world for Jesus Christ.  Our hope is that all of our students grow to be servants of Christ in their school, churches, and communities. Our prayer is that we would encourage and help our students grow in their walk and relationship with God. We do this through Bible classes, discipleship groups, chapel, mission opportunities, and service projects.

Our Pastors

We have two pastors on staff at Families of Faith Christian Academy. Pastor Randy Blan, our Head Pastor, and Pastor Joe Pospischil, our Associate Pastor. Our pastors get to know our students by building relationships with them and reminding them that their doors are always open for counseling and prayer.

Pastor Randy Blan

Pastor Randy has been the Head Pastor of our church, Families of Faith since March 7, 2001. He has been the Headmaster of Families of Faith Christian Academy since 2014. You can usually find Pastor Randy working on our Third Phase building project, counseling our families and students, watching our teams play in the gym, making his signature popcorn in our concession stand, coaching on the softball field or grilling up steaks at home. He also holds a Ph.D. in Common Sense.

Pastor Joe Pospischil

has been pastoring at Families of Faith since September 23, 2012. He is not only our Associate Pastor, but he also heads up our Motorcycle Ministry, Christian Brotherhood of Blood Brothers and runs our Living Manna Food Pantry on Fryer Street in Channahon. You can usually find Pastor Joe working on our Third Phase building project, taking in one of our Screaming Eagles games or telling people about the love of Jesus in church, homes, hospital beds, prison cells, office buildings or on the streets.

The center point of all that we do is to bring Him glory, honor, and praise in the hallways and classrooms and on the athletic fields and courts.  We look forward to seeing your children grow in or begin their relationship with Jesus Christ here at FOFCA.

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our pastors our pastors

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