Below we have a note from our Athletic Director, John Chappell about how the athletic department at Families of Faith Christian Academy defines SUCCESS.


Striving to Understand a Christlike Christian walk Everyday while Serving our Savior

SUCCESS is something we all want to achieve. No one goes through life looking to fail or be unsuccessful. As an athletic program, we want to be highly successful.

We challenge our athletes to achieve the highest possible levels. To push themselves to excellence, both on the field of play and off.

SUCCESS for us is more than athletics though. The concept is to improve character. One common mistake people make when they read our definition of SUCCESS is thinking we’re OK with losing games. That’s not true. But, we’re not going to win at all costs.

To me and our coaches, SUCCESS means winning a ball game, without embarrassing the other team. It means developing Christian character in ourselves and our players. It means challenging our fans to represent our school and themselves for their behavior.

SUCCESS is a large word with great implications. Student-athletes at FOFCA should expect to be challenged both physically and spiritually because we want to see all of our student-athletes exhibit SUCCESS in their lives after high school.

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Intro to the devotional book:

SUCCESS is a word that all athletes love or at least the typical “better” athlete does. Part of the athletic process is pushing yourself to work hard to accomplish a goal.

Usually, the goal is for the team to succeed and reach the highest level that it can attain. That should be the first goal of all athletes. Secondly, good athletes will push themselves to be the best they can be. They know that if they are the best they can be, the team will be better.

The old adage that a team is only as good as its weakest link really does apply. One of the dictionary’s definitions of success is “the accomplishment of one’s goals” and “a person or thing that has had success”.

At Families of Faith, we have our own definition as it applies to our athletic department. We define it as Striving to Understand a Christlike Christian walk Everyday while Serving our Savior.

As we develop a better relationship with Christ, our hope is that it makes us a better school athletically, both as a school that wins in the competition, while also being a school that develops winners in life. Our goal is that all of our athletes leave Families of Faith prepared to be a SUCCESS in everything and every place their life takes them.

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