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PreK-3 Overview

We hold PreK-3 students to a high academic standard using Abeka Curriculum. Children learn basic knowledge of Bible stories focusing on remembering and recalling main ideas. We cover basic awareness of sin, forgiveness, and Jesus’ sacrifice and teach them how to love by being kind and serving others.

Instruction takes place in large and small groups to help students grow socially and emotionally. We encourage students to be kind, caring individuals who know that Jesus loves them. We reinforce much of our learning through play, social time, and learning centers.

PreK-4 Overview

Our PreK-4 program continues a strong focus on academics. We teach basic knowledge of Bible stories and cover the concepts of sin, forgiveness, grace, and Jesus’ sacrifice. Students grow in worship and prayer as they learn how to love by serving others. Our program gives students the tools for Kindergarten success by building early literacy, and mathematic skills and teaching age-appropriate critical thinking skills.

With the Bible as our guide, we reinforce social and emotional growth through play and social time as a class.

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