factsFamilies of Faith requires every family that has children in our school to enroll in the FACTS program. FACTS is a great institution, easy to work with and completely secure. They set up Tuition Accounts AND Incidental Accounts for each family. If you pay your tuition in full, just an Incidental Account will be set up for your family and we will pay the $20 fee.

Why? To keep good records between the school, your family and to make life easy and convenient! All monies paid to the school will be logged into your FACTS Incidental Account, this includes: sports fees, yearbooks, graduation fees, hot lunch, and field trips, if you pay in full, enrichment care, material fees, art fees, science labs, etc. – All money given to the school will be kept on record, in your account, where you can track it and print it for tax purposes.

Register with FACTS

To create a new account, click this link.

Click “Create a username and password” under New Account.

Enter your e-mail.

Click Create a new FACTS account.

Add contact information.

Create your profile and answer security questions.

From the Dashboard, click “Set up a payment plan”.

Choose the current term.

Review contact information and click “Next”.

Click “Add Student” and enter the student’s first and last name and grade level. Do this for each student.

Choose Annual Payment.

Complete your payment information by entering your credit card or bank information.

Review and approve.


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